into a better future

Enjoy conscious

and not too much

Our biggest value is the wonderful nature surrounding our house and is giving us directions.

During the current modernisation progress we are trying to create new things in appliance with existing structures, and accordingly we are using existing resources before buying new. At the selection of our suppliers we are looking for local and sustainable companies and products.

Already during the last modernisation by the previous owners (Teikyo University) there have been construction ecologic measurements taken and a state of the art gas heating as well as later on a water pipe for self sufficient water supply from the own well installed. Currently we are planning to install a solar system on the wide roofs of the buildings.

We are very proud and happy to have found with Justus Mertzig a local and sustainable producer of moonwood, which is building for us furniture made from local wood.


Because of the many existing storage spaces and according old inventory of the last centuries, you may find all over the area and in the houses upcycled treasures of the house. If it is the former GDR-laundry wagon as a raised flower bed, the over 30 year old ceramic beer mugs as vases in the rooms or the restaurated park benches in the garden. Slowly but sure everything gets a new coat or even use.

Step by step we are exchanging all products to less packaged products.