Waldhotel am See – 1953 until today!

a various story

In 1953 the house was founded as a holiday home "Bertolt Brecht" for forestry workers.

At the end of the 1960s the house was redesigned as an international conference center and guest house due to its attractive location by the FDGB presidium.

In 1993, the Teikyo Foundation (Germany) - a foundation for academic-scientific-cultural exchange and to promote friendship was established.

In 1994, Teikyo University Group acquired the site and buildings.

In the years 1996-1998 the house was overhauled and redesigned with extensive investments. So far, more than 2740 students from Japan, the US and other countries have completed various study programs.

From 1999, an international language holiday camp for children and young people from all over Europe took place every year from the end of June to the end of August. This camp has been realized by the language school GLS Language Center. Based on the GLS program for the summer camp, language holiday camps have also taken place during the Easter and autumn holidays from 2005.

2004 the Teikyo Foundation (Germany) had been running courses with the International College that allowed foreign students interested in studying at a German university to obtain the necessary qualifications and access conditions.

Also from 2004, Teikyo Berlin offered youth groups and school classes the opportunity to realize project days or school trips in the Youth Hostel, there are and have been many cooperations wtihin the educational and cultural sector with various partners.

2020 the LML Holding has overtaken the whole complex and based upon sustainable and close to nature guidelines all of the rooms will be modernised, the hotel area will be made more family friendly and in the area of the guesthouse there will be opened a clinic for psychosomatic and psychotherapy at the end of 2021.

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